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What is Osteochondroma

“Health is wealth”, we all are aware of it. But sometimes we tend to understand it late. When we get to understand, its already very late. So dear readers we request you not to neglect your health conditions or avoid any problem, you need to take special care when it comes to your health.

In this article we are going to talk about Osteochondroma, it is an overgrowth/irregular growth of cartilage and bones that happens at the end of the bone near the growth plate. Most often, it affects the long bones in the leg, pelvis, or the shoulder blade.

The specific cause of this disease is still unknown and has no particular symptoms. It may be related to abnormality in the growth plate, causing a bony prominence to grow away from the bone. It is also most common benign bone tumor in children and most common non-cancerous bone growth. It occurs between age 10 to 30. Some research says that the seriousness of this disease in some cases is less, but we need to consult from the earlier stage.

As per the survey in 2016, it says the incidence of hereditary multiple osteochondromes is estimated to be 1 in 50,000 individuals, 35% of benign and 8% of all bone tumors.

Instead of surgical methods, people have started believing in non-surgical treatments nowadays. They are more into Homeopathy, which is medically proven and well too. Homeopathy is an inexpensive non-pharmalogical alternative that may be useful to increase bone density. There are leading medicines in homeopathy for dissolving extra body growths, bone spurs. But for that first we need to take an expert opinion on homeopathy. Please do not try anything at home.

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