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What is PCOS or PCOD?

Female, what a complicated name, rather genre, isn’t it? And most complicated rather delicate its physical structure. Females also do not know what disease or what is the physical issue they are having with them. One of most common yet complicated disease these days among women is PCOS or PCOD, Polycystic Ovary/Ovarian Syndrome.

PCOD/PCOS, is not well understood by people. It’s basically causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges. You get the definition, right? This is the most common definition anyone knows. But we are not aware of the fact that the PCOD/PCOS is not a curable disease. Treatment can help you to stay better. Medical diagnostic is very much needed when a person facing the symptoms of it. But it may stay for years or lifelong.

But till now the exact reason of this disease is yet to be found. But irregularity in lifestyle, stress, sleep pattern, consumption of unhealthy food/drink and not proper physical exercise may cause PCOD/PCOS. Also, there are some particular symptoms of it, i.e. abnormal body hair growth, because of male hormone increasing in body, irregular menstrual cycle, Acne, obesity, dark patches in skin, thinning of hair, it can cause of depression.

As per some reports we found that basically it is a hormonal disorder, effects women’s reproductive health along with hormonal side effects. Nowadays we find 1 out of 10 women with this disease nowadays. It may cause depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

A study by a researcher at Harvard University with collaboration with Giant Apple, PCOS is known for not only impact of periods but also linked to circulatory health. This disorder effects about 10 million people globally. Some survey stated this below mentioned percentage, 20-25% Indian women of childbearing age, 60% obese, 30 – 35% fatty liver, 70% insulin resistance, 40 -60% glucose intolerance.

As we know this PCOD can’t be cured for lifetime, but we can control it through proper medication. But this type of oral contraceptive also may be a cause for some side-effects. Better to get a proper lifestyle, i.e meditation/yoga/proper physical exercise. Change food habit with good diet. Also take homeopathy solution which is without side-effects. But these days meditation or proper physical activity and proper food habit can only help you to get relief from it.

Heart and Health are an interlinked system to stay fit and healthy, also we need to conceive proper supplements for our mind, for an example, physical exercise and with an expert opinion. We know Health is Wealth but to take care of everyone, a woman forgets to get the best for themselves. We shouldn’t ignore small symptoms of it and take a proper guide before it’s too late and change the lifestyle accordingly. We need to remember that, if a Woman is healthy, then only family becomes wealthy.

The most chronic & common diseases that people seek homeopathic treatment include.

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